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Welcome to the Euro-Corp Syndicate Website!
A Perpetuum Online Corporation

"Bringing about Utopia, one bullet at a time"

Zealous supporters of the ICS Conglomerate

Early on, when the Syndicate first began to hack Nian databases, E-Corp took up a strong supporting position in relation to ICS.  From there, Euro-Corp has expanded its industrial and military prowess, but still remains a strong supporter of ICS.

Euro-Corp does not demand anything from our members, except a willingness to learn and grow. Our rules are simple:  The more you give the more you receive.  If you help support Euro-Corp, Euro-Corp will help support you.

Primarily  we help newcomers by supplying them with robots, ammunition, and modules to get them started. Our corp has a robust industial background, and it can benefit you should you choose to join.  We use this industrial foundation to support our strong combative outfit.  As such, Euro-Corp recruits all types of players from Industrialists and Miners to PvE and PvPers.

If you are interested, apply here on our website or join our public in game chat channel, EC Public.
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Akumaka, Jun 25, 10 4:40 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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